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COVID-19 reopening

Over the last few months, the word has been shocked by the COVID-19 pandemic. I for one have been very lucky to be 'stuck' in isolation in beautiful South Wiltshire, but it has been a very strange time for everyone.

As the country begins to ease out of lockdown, I have decided to reopen my photography business from the 6th of July. I have been working through carefully to ensure that I can operate within the government guidelines, and sticking to the social distancing rules that are in place as of 1st July, 2020.

I think it's best to outline the way I'll be operating:

  • My photoshoots would all be outside (as usual!)

  • I'd practice social distancing from owners at all times

  • If I need to hold a dog's lead, I will provide my own, so I don't have to touch yours

  • I'll carry hand sanitiser (again, I normally do anyway!) and wipes.

I am really looking forward to taking bookings again, I have really missed it, but I thought it would be far more sensible to wait until I could guarantee legality and safety. Now I can, I can't wait to get back outside and taking photos!

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