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I'm back...

It's been a very long time since I last properly updated this website! When I last wrote I'd just finished my first year of sixth form, and now I'm two terms into university. I'm hoping to be able to take clients up in Oxford during my term times, which should be great fun in and around the city. I'm also now able to be in London more often, and would love to expand the business in that direction too.

Wiltshire continues as usual; spring has arrived and with it rows and rows of daffodils and (unplanned!) lambs. It's such a lovely time of year, with magical light and lots of pretty things growing in the woods. As ever in the holidays I'm quite busy (now with revision too...) but I'd love to take on some photoshoots again. I have plenty of beautiful woodlands round me as well as lovely downland walks, all of which will be at their prettiest in the next couple of months.

So, please do email me if you'd like some photos of your dog this spring, whether that's in Wiltshire, Oxford, or London. Alternatively my Instagram, Facebook, and this website are all good ways to get in touch. I look forward to getting back into this!

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