Although I do not print my work in-house, I have one preferred printing company. They create very high-quality prints at good prices, and I have always been very impressed with both their service and their products. My prices for these range from £10 to £175, based on the size and finish you choose.

I also offer canvases and metal/wooden/acrylic prints, which are more expensive, but work beautifully on specific photos. I can also do photo books, but I recommend that you have at least 20 photos to fill them with. They're perfect for the album shoots, or two-three standard sessions combined.

To get them to you, I can either send them the post- first class, tracked- or you can come and get them in person. Either way I will inspect them before I deliver them to you, because I can sort out any problems like colour correction at their end or mistakes from my end.

Prints are not included within the session price for regular sessions at the moment. Once you've received your digital copies, you can chat to me about what might be the best option print-wise. However, my new album shoots do include one large print or three smaller ones, if you opt for 20 digitals.

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