All of my sessions take place at a location of your choice (within

reason!). They are tailored to your dog's needs, so don't worry if

your dog isn't used to a camera- I can go at whatever pace suits


Single session

This session is perfect for families wanting portraits of their dog.

The shoot lasts an hour, and you receive 10 digital images (you

have a choice of which I edit). This will cost £75.

Double dog session

Same as above, but these are for 2-3 dogs. You'd receive 15

photos, and the shoot would last for 1h30 - 2h. £100-120.



I can also photograph your litter of puppies! Basic shoots start at £100, and the shoot is anything from 45mins-2h long. I normally come to your home/garden, for ease and hygiene. At the end, you would receive one small print per puppy, as well as 15 digitals. This can be combined with a photoshoot for the pups' parents - £100 for both, or £50 for one. As with most of my photoshoots these are mainly outdoors, but depending on your preferences I can adjust for inside. As the COVID rules develop I'll be able to work out more details on how this would work.

I usually recommend the shoot to be when the puppies are 5-8 weeks old. I also do a package deal, so for £200 you could have a 'newborn' style shoot at 1-2 weeks, then another at 6-8. 


These are small shoots with show dogs. They involve 2-3 head shots and some stacked photos outside of the ring, and 5+ movement and standing shots in the ring. Obviously shows are all around, and I will be at most near me (Gundog days at Bath, a couple of shows in Malvern, Wales, and then one, maybe two days of Crufts). I can also travel, but that will cost extra and I really can't guarantee I can make a lot of the shows. You'd receive all the digitals and a "show advert" for your dog.

£50 per dog.


Album shoot

These sessions are longer and more productive. The shoot lasts 2 hours, and is for one dog. The idea of an album shoot is that we pick a more diverse location, and the images I deliver are more varied and comprehensive. I would then give you either 25 digitals, or 20 digitals and one 30-inch print, or three 10-inch prints. These sessions work well for photo albums. £175.


I also offer shoot day photography, and before I've shot specifically dogs-only, pickers-up/beaters only, or everything, including the guns. Obviously these are all very different tasks, and location, number of drives and guns/dogs will affect the price, but please just email and I'd be happy to help. Shoots generally start at £150.