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I'm a 17-year-old, multi award-winning photographer. I'm originally from London, but moved to Wiltshire in 2007, when I was almost 5. My work has been published in the Daily Mail, the Daily Star Online, and in a handful of magazines to date, including by the National Trust. I also work as a "Young Shots Journalist" for the BASC, which involves writing articles and taking photographs for them about the countryside, conservation, and often gundogs (you can find one of my articles here).


My aim as a photographer is to produce charming portraits that really tell a story- I definitely believe in taking time to get to know a dog, and hopefully this will pay off in the interactions you see as a result. My main inspirations are my extremely naughty Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Mungo; Labrador Molly; and the gorgeous countryside around me.


When I'm not taking photos or doing schoolwork (I actually do enjoy Latin and Ancient Greek!), I'm probably hiking with my toller, dreaming of the Highlands, updating my dogs' Instagram, or reading. I also can often be found spending hundreds on vintage lenses on ebay, it's an expensive but addictive hobby!


Mere, Wiltshire


A dog photographer based in Mere, Wiltshire


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