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Mere, Wiltshire

Pimlico, London

University College, Oxford

About Me

I'm an award-winning photographer from Wiltshire. My work has been published in the Daily Mail (in print and online), the Daily Star Online, the National Trust journal, and magazines including the Field and Country Life.


My love of photography started when I was 13, and I opened the imaginatively named Flora Wilson Photography in 2018. I specialise in portraits (human and otherwise!) and events.

Portraiture has for a long time been my speciality - I started off photographing mine and friends' dogs, and the business has gone slightly mad since then. I still adore animals and taking their photos brings me a great amount of joy. When it comes to portraits of people, I'm always happy to take headshots for productions and portfolios, or just for personal use - I just want to capture a vivid and colourful picture of the people I photograph.

I also have experience in events photography. I'm equally comfortable during the day and evening, and love the variety of events I get to do. Over the last couple of years, I've photographed parties, balls, christenings, and plays. I aim to deliver a diverse range of posed and candid images of as many people as possible, keeping with the theme and design of the event. 

When I'm not taking photos or slaving over essays, I love walking, reading, music, and playing with my dog. I'm a big advocate for fieldsports (and the importance of working dogs), and a joyful part of my autumn/winter is spent either on the peg with a gun or wandering around behind with a camera. 

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