About Flora

I'm an award-winning photographer from Wiltshire. My work has been published in the Daily Mail, the Daily Star Online, the National Trust journal, and in a handful of magazines to date including the Field. I have also worked as a "Young Shots Journalist" for the BASC, which involves writing articles and taking photographs for them about the countryside, conservation, and often gundogs (you can find one of my articles here).


I have been taking photos of my own dog, Mungo, since I was 13, and over the years have taken the daunting step of opening this as a business. I specialise in portraits and aim to take photos that capture as closely as possible the love between dog and human. I've been lucky to work with many wonderful dogs and owners over the years, and hope to do so for many more.


When I'm not taking photos or at university, I love walking, reading, and playing with my dog. I'm a big advocate for fieldsports (and the importance of working dogs - especially rare breeds), and a joyful part of my autumn/winter is spent either on the peg with a gun or wandering around behind with a camera. 


Mere, Wiltshire

Pimlico, London

University of Oxford


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